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How is Burgess BioPower's baseload generation important to NH's energy supply?

At a time when New Hampshire is at serious risk of power outages because of over-reliance on natural gas and other fossil fuels, Burgess BioPower provides critical energy diversity and security.

Burgess BioPower is a 75-megawatt baseload wood-fired power plant located in Berlin, NH. Unlike wind or solar, which only work when the wind blows or the sun shines, Burgess’s baseload power is always on, and always available. It is clean, reliable, local energy.

Burgess BioPower delivers more than 500,000 megawatt hours to the New Hampshire power grid each year – and is the largest generator to run on locally sourced fuel. Burgess BioPower provides energy independence like no other resource in New Hampshire.

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Strong Energy Grid & Economy

Burgess BioPower is part of New Hampshire's economic strength. Demand protection for our energy grid.

Using locally sourced materials to provide clean, renewable energy
Burgess BioPower buys biomass from over 154 New Hampshire towns and cities, across all 10 counties.

Burgess BioPower is a critical player in NH's economic landscape, contributing nearly $70 million each year to NH's economy.

We are responsible for the employment of 240 people, and we produce nearly $4.84M in taxes, fees, and charges paid to the state and local governments annually. We buy biomass from all 10 counties and more than 150 NH cities and towns - helping to sustain NH's healthy forests.

When foresters cut trees and harvest the wood, low-grade wood material consisting of branches, woodchips, and sawdust are often left behind - creating environmental and financial liability. Burgess BioPower beneficially uses this material by using it to generate reliable, renewable energy for the New Hampshire power grid.

+800,000 tons

Burgess purchases over 800,000 tons of low-grade wood each year, providing critical financial support to regional foresters.

+240 jobs

Supports more than 240 jobs, ranging from the facility itself to loggers and haulers in the forestry industry.

$1.4 billion

Beyond just jobs, Burgess supports nearly $70 million in annual economic activity, equating to $1.4 billion over the 20-year PPA.

Top 3 in U.S.

Burgess BioPower is among the top-3 largest and most technologically advanced biomass power plants in the U.S.

Burgess benefits all of New Hampshire, not just the North Country.

Burgess is a critical economic anchor in New Hampshire's North Country, but our benefits don't end there.

Burgess creates $14.6 million in labor income for New Hampshire each year, and generates $4.84 million in taxes, fees, and charges paid to the state and local government annually. In total, we inject nearly $70 million into New Hampshire's economy each year.

Largest single buyer of biomass in the state.
Supporting the livelihood of regional foresters.

What Burgess BioPower means to companies across the state.

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"If Burgess BioPower were to close we'd downsize significantly. There would be a whole restructure without Burgess in place."
"I didn't think I would've had this opportunity without Burgess. It's a real big push to keep us open and running. Not jut for us, but for the whole community."
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