NH Senate adopts SB 271


SB 271, relative to the Burgess BioPower facility. Ought to Pass with Amendment, Vote 5-0. Senator Avard for the committee.

SB 271 requires the Public Utilities Commission to revise certain orders relative to the Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin. The Burgess BioPower Plant produces 75 megawatts of base load power from wood chips that are indigenous to New Hampshire. The plant is a reliable source of power and fuel diversity. Today, the independent system operator is concerned about the reliability of our electric grid especially on days when it is very cold. Extended periods of cold weather in New England effect our ability to produce enough power reliably. The independent system operator has warned of the potential for rolling brownouts and blackouts. The cost override factor set by the PUC has led to the prospect of the plant not being able to operate. SB 271 would allow the order to be revised so that the plant can continue to operate and continue to produce energy for New Hampshire’s power grid.

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