Statement from Burgess BioPower on Governor Sununu’s Veto of HB 142

“We are certainly disappointed in HB 142’s veto. It creates a serious financial event for the company and the entire northern New Hampshire economy.

“The legislature got it right with this bill. From the 18-2 vote in favor of HB 142 in the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee, to nearly 70% of the House supporting the legislation and finally, to the unanimous vote in favor in the Senate, HB 142 represents a well-considered balancing of issues. The bill is the result of more than two years of collaborative, bipartisan work by legislators and the New Hampshire Department of Energy. HB 142 provides both a sustainable path forward for Burgess’s continued operation, while also ending ratepayer subsidies.

“At a time when New Hampshire and our regional grid operator are concerned about having enough power generation, losing the seventy megawatts Burgess provides will create a new set of challenges when it comes to meeting demand, especially during winter months.

“No one can predict future power prices. At times this year, Burgess’s fixed price was significantly lower than the market rate. But Burgess’s story is not solely about cost. It is much more about value, when you consider the hundreds of jobs Burgess supports, its $70 million in annual economic benefits, and the reliable baseload energy it produces.

“The company is evaluating the impacts of the veto and considering our next steps.”

Sarah Boone, spokesperson for Burgess BioPower

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