Who Is Burgess
New Hampshire's largest locally sourced power generator
Burgess BioPower is about providing economic benefit to New Hampshire, while strengthening its independent energy infrastructure.
Megawatt hours delivered each year
1 million
In annual economic activity generated
Jobs supported throughout New Hampshire

Burgess BioPower is essential to the entire state, and is also an economic anchor to the North Country - contributing 16% of the City of Berlin's tax revenue.

Burgess BioPower supports New Hampshire's energy, environmental, and economic needs by locally generating reliable and renewable power.

Fueled by regionally sourced biomass produced from sustainably managed forests, and operated by a highly skilled and dedicated team, Burgess BioPower provides lasting value to New Hampshire.

Burgess BioPower is committed to help New Hampshire achieve energy independence while serving as a responsible environmental steward, a trustworthy community partner, and a statewide economic catalyst.

The Burgess BioPower impact on New Hampshire
Providing economic, energy, and environmental benefits since 2014.

When it comes to energy security, Burgess’s value goes well beyond cost. The New England power grid is overwhelmingly and unsustainably dependent on natural gas. Burgess provides more than 500,000 megawatt hours of reliable, locally sourced, price-stable, baseload power each year - power we can all rely on regardless of the sun, the wind or pipeline capacity.  

Burgess BioPower is the largest NH power generator to run on locally sourced fuel and has provided more clean, renewable energy than any other facility in New England.

From an economic, energy and environmental standpoint, Burgess is a tremendous asset to the state of New Hampshire. People depend on Burgess for their livelihoods - we support more than 240 jobs statewide.

We buy 800,000 tons of biomass each year, providing critical financial support to regional foresters throughout New Hampshire and supporting sustainable forestry management practices. Burgess is the largest single buyer of biomass in the state. The wood ash generated by our process is beneficially used for agriculture, compost, and public works projects.

And beyond just jobs, Burgess supports nearly $70 million in annual economic activity, equating to $1.4 billion over our 20-year PPA.

$4.84 million
Burgess generates $4.84 million dollars in taxes, fees, and charges paid to the state and local government each year.
Burgess BioPower generates enough low-cost, renewable electricity to power up to 67,000 homes - the equivalent of 10% of NH's homes.
$70 million
Burgess generates $70 million in statewide economic activity each year.
Burgess supports 65% more jobs than an equivalent natural gas-fired power plant.
Burgess pays 16% of the City of Berlin's total taxes, and shares revenue with the city - over $1.5 million to date.
NH's Last Market
Burgess is the last market for many sawmills working to manage their waste. Without an outlet for mill waste, this $250 million NH industry could not operate.
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I am Burgess People.
Burgess has provided for my town and my family for years. Please help us keep Burgess operating.
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